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Are you one of those who eagerly wait for the weekends so that you can let loose and chill out with friends and family. If that’s you then Mitre Tavern bar in Melbourne is just the right place to break free. Not only does it offer the most etiquettes  drink but also the most appropriate environment for a ultimate get together for any occasion.

We at Mitre Tavern which is arguably the best bar in Melbourne have made sure that each and every guest is treating in the most desired manner, so that they feel at ease and is comfortable. Be it just a drink to celebrate the weekend or a quite business meeting, you would find everything at one place. We have the most experienced chefs who are versatile in cooking all kind of dishes. We can assure you would love the lip smacking, finger licking food once you leave our bar.

We are very easy to locate as we are situated right in the heart of the town Centre. Our historic building in itself is an eye catcher with striking architectural elegance. We are happy to serve our customers every day from Monday-Friday from 11.00AM till late in the night. We make every occasion celebrate in full spirit. Whether it is just a friend’s get together or a festive celebration, you would remember the overwhelming experience in our bar.

Bar in Melbourne, CBD has a vast sitting are indoor and therefore it’s most appropriate for parties and celebration. Other than that the most striking feature about bar in Melbourne CBD is the Beer garden. The 400 square meter beer garden caters to all the season. You can laze around during the summers with a cold beer mug in one hand and a quick bite in the other. During the winters we make proper arrangements to keep you snug. We can accommodate more than 250 guest in one go as we have a sitting capacity of 200.


Enjoy a leisurely afternoon especially from Monday to Wednesday and as the weekend nears see that vibrant change in atmosphere from people gathering and celebrating the weekend.