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The Mitre Tavern has a great array of beers, both bottled and on tap.

The staff at the Mitre take great pride in serving a quality product, with our refrigeration units monitored daily, our beer-lines cleaned weekly and the glassware inspected frequently, so that we can ensure every amber drop can be enjoyed to its fullest.

"In 1868 the records show the successful application of Mr Henry Thompson for a liquor licence for the Mitre Tavern. Under a succession of licences it has remained a tavern for over 100 years."

Mitre Tavern – The Last Century - The oldest licenced tavern in Melbourne.

Come and enjoy one of our many beers on tap now!

Beers on Tap

Carlton Draught

Coopers Pale Ale

Hawkers Pilsner


Little Creatures Pale Ale

Furphy Refreshing Ale

Balter XPA

Hahn Super Dry

Hargraves ESB

Fat Yak Pale Ale

Wild Yak Pacific Ale

White Rabbit Dark Ale

Little Creatures ‘Fuggle’ Stout


Little Creatures Bright Ale

Mt. Kosciuzko Pale Ale


Little Creatures IPA


Panhead XPX

James Boags Draught

James Squires 150 Lashes

Great Northern Mid-Strength



Bulmers Apple