tavern steakhouse Mitre tavern


The Tavern of the Mitre Tavern can seat up to 200 people on its rustic old-style rough hewn furniture. The walls are adorned with murals and hand carved boards, some of them dating back to early last century.

Three big-screen plasma televisions and a fantastic sound-system means you can enjoy your favourite sports on Fox Sports 1, 2 & 3 whilst enjoying a Chicken Parmagiana – watch your head though, the pub was built in the 19th century and some of the doorways are a little low!

The most well known part of the Mitre Tavern is its huge expanse of Beer Garden. With over 400 square metres open to the sky the Mitre is the largest open air drinking space in the CBD. A seating capacity of 200 and standing room for many more, the Beer Garden can be a great enjoyment and a people-watchers paradise.

Monday to Wednesday the Beer Garden provides a leisurely atmosphere whether it be for lunch, dinner or a quiet drink between the two.

On Thursday and Friday, the Beer Garden takes on a life of its own when brokers rub shoulders with builders and PA’s rule the roost. Bookings are essential and the warm vibrant atmosphere can go on late into the night.

The Mitre Tavern can accommodate a range of events in our variety of rooms. From an in-depth corporate conference with a light lunch to a hearty celebratory dinner for a large group, the Mitre Tavern has something for everyone.

We also understand everyone is different and are happy to personalise a menu specifically for you based on the a la carte or cocktail menu. Or, you may want to try our delicious BBQ in the warmer months!