Mitre Tavern Behind the Bar

So, that’s another spring carnival behind us and for those of us with any money left we jump straight into Christmas celebrations (it’s like back to back Christmases for me)

December is a busy time at the Mitre tavern and of course in the world of sport. So with Australia and England battling it out in cricket and league why not swing past the Mitre for a cool drink and see if England can stay out of trouble long enough to spring a surprise (doubt it) All of this will be live on our outside big screen.

We have a great Christmas menu offering in the Steakhouse $99 for 3 courses plus a glass of Moet, you can find all the details in our website, we also have the guys from Sterling coming down in the next couple of weeks to do a sparking Rose shout and I will put the date and details on Facebook once I have them. Finishing off with Green, Coopers green that is (coopers pale for those that are unsure) thanks to @coopersbrewery we will be doing $9 pints of coopers pale for the month of December with any main meal.

Now all you people out there that have told everyone in the office that you booked the Christmas party but forgot, we still have a little bit of room at the Mitre tavern so get in fast and save your blushes.

I hope everyone enjoys the festive time and stays safe and well.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

See you in 2018


John Davie