Steakhouse Melbourne

Up the Tavern’s grand staircase lies Melbourne’s greatest culinary secret.

Discover refined dining within the stunning surrounds of Melbourne’s oldest building.

Love your steak with a side of history? At Mitre Tavern, we’re proud to be home to the Steakhouse Melbourne loves to keep a secret.


Enjoy beef steaks of the highest quality at a table shrouded in history.

For more than 180 years, Mitre Tavern has been the centrepiece of our great city’s culinary culture.


Our Mitre Tavern Steakhouse is dedicated to providing our patrons with beef steaks of only the most supreme quality. For visitors to the Tavern seeking a more refined dining experience, our Steakhouse offers only the finest grain-fed, MSA platinum-grade beef, expertly aged and cooked on our purpose-constructed char-grill.

Dedicated to providing a thoroughly enjoyable experience to all who join us, our team also proudly offers a range of alternatives for patrons seeking something a little lighter including a variety of lovely seafood dishes and sides.

We’re also happy to accommodate any special dietary requirements, and all sauces served with our impeccable steaks are gluten-free.

Come and experience why our special venue is the Steakhouse Melbourne has always held close to its collective heart.

“If you’re after the best steak in Melbourne and want to dine in a historic locale, you can’t beat the steakhouse at the Mitre Tavern.”

Matt L.

Main Dining Room

The Main Dining Room is a re-opening of one of Melbourne’s most reputable eating establishments and is now known as the Mitre Steakhouse & Grill.

The open area on the first floor of the Mitre was made famous as the House of Lords’ Restaurant, flourishing in the late seventies under the patronage of stockbrokers – many a deal was cut in this room!

Today, the refitted Steakhouse owes all its style in keeping with the original theme of the venue. Stained glass windows let sunshine enter the old-style, cosy environs. Enjoy our premium, grain-fed, MSA grade steak, sizzling from the immense char-grill in our comfortable, club-like atmosphere.

Private boardroom

The Mitre Tavern Steakhouse also offers a wonderful facility in our private Boardroom. The Boardroom, or the House of Lords as it was called in its heyday, is located on the top floor of the Tavern.

The Boardroom was where the VIP guests of the Mitre used to enjoy a port (and possibly a cigar or two) at their leisure. Today, we offer the Boardroom as a fully equipped private space, complete with a broadband connection, phone line and AV equipment upon arrangement.

The Boardroom is perfect for small to medium-sized business meetings, private lunches or dinners and presentations.


The Mitre Tavern can accommodate a range of events in our variety of rooms, including the Steakhouse.

From an in-depth corporate conference with a light lunch to a hearty celebratory dinner for a large group, the Mitre Tavern has something for everyone.

We also understand everyone is different and are happy to personalise a menu specifically for you based on the a la carte or cocktail menu. Or, you may want to try our delicious BBQ in the warmer months!


10 wonderful reasons to visit our Steakhouse

Looking for a more relaxed and casual dining experience?

Try our downstairs Tavern bistro – from Friday night drinks in Melbourne’s largest Beer Garden to birthdays, parties, and more, the Tavern has something for everyone.


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