The Best Pub in Melbourne

Pubs are as integral to Melbourne as trams and coffee – a supporting beam in the architecture of our great city, and one from which to hang other fundamentals of our character like food, footy, music and a great old pub in Melbourne!

The Mitre Tavern stands out as a supporter of this culture and so much more.

Pubs are a favoured drinking hole amongst Aussies for a reason, the great selection of beer, good old pub grub, and of course the atmosphere. The Mitre Tavern is just oozing “best pub in Melbourne”!

Melbourne has a huge array of pubs on every corner to attract Melbournians and tourists from all walks of life, But for a particular memorable experience just go to The Best Pub in Melbourne ….. The Mitre Tavern.

Its amazing how many people you talk to every day, and as soon as The Mitre Tavern is mentioned you know they are going to start talking about how they have been to The Mitre Tavern.

The Mitre Tavern is and always has been the “Pub in Melbourne” that everyone knows.

And what a treat it is to know that The Mitre Tavern hasn’t changed a bit!!!!!

Still as old and quirky as ever, and yes, most of us still have to duck through the doorways.

The Mitre Tavern will never stop being that “pub in Melbourne”

So, catch a tram, have a coffee, have lunch, have a beer all at The Mitre Tavern located at 5 Bank Place Melbourne.

If you haven’t been to The Mitre Tavern in a while now is the time to come, we still serve the best variety of beer and food, and of course, Spring, perfect timing to spend an afternoon or evening in the beer garden, and you are sure to bump into at least one of our long term staff members that you may remember from your last visit.

Speaking of staff, I must also mention how lucky The Mitre Tavern is to have such great staff, with Alex the Hotel Manager being at The Mitre Tavern for nearly 12 years, our Head chef Peter has been cooking up a storm for over 18 years, Indi, meeting and greeting all our wonderful customers in our steakhouse upstairs for more than 12 years and our delightful chef Tracy in the steakhouse kitchen also for over 11 years, our staff make The Mitre Tavern the best pub in Melbourne.