Welcoming the Craft Beer Scene

Once upon a time it was very rare to see anything remotely unique on tap at a bar, or even a Pub with more traditional style of choices. However, Craft Beer is now starting to rub shoulders with the competitive heavy weights like Carlton United Breweries and those of that strength. At the Mitre Tavern we are personally excited for this welcomed change – and are always eager to try out a new beer that has the opportunity to reach a permanent spot on our taps. More and more frequently our visitors are likely to choose something other than a traditional, old school, lighter Lager, and steer towards something that is louder on the old taste buds. Pale Ales, India Pale Ales, Xtra Pale Ales (taking Australia by storm!), Pilsners, and even your darker ales like Stout are generally sought after.

At the moment we are offering quite a special opportunity for those who enjoy a Belgian Style beer. We have tapped up a few Coopers Vintage Kegs that are from 2015 – many who taste it think that it is one of the heartiest beers that have ever smacked their lips, and we tend to agree. It certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, and is more a flavor to be savored. With a smooth start, buttery throughout, and quite sharp towards the end – definitely worth a crack! Schooners only because this boy sits up at the lofty heights of 7.5% to the drop! Definitely not for the kids!