One of the most liveable cities with some of the best bar/pubs to compliment it!

Melbourne, one of the most liveable cities in the world. A perfect blend of the fast paced lifestyle and the relaxed chilled feel of a lazy Sunday afternoon.. The concrete jungle brightened up by the trees aligned in many streets, which brings me to the streets and laneways of Melbourne city centre. You could walk for miles or live in the city for years and you could still stroll around on a Saturday afternoon and discover something or somewhere new.. The Mitre Tavern is a perfect example of this beautiful blend of old and new. Bank Place is the laneway, situated just of Collins Street in between William and Queen. Probably one of the best kept secrets in the city and yet it has been there the longest of all the buildings. This bar/pub has it all and probably one of if not the best in the city, with an old school style exterior and a beautiful tasteful interior to match, it could take you to think of Ireland or England in one glance.

With a great range of beers and friendly smiling staff behind the bar there is little more you can ask  and I haven’t even mentioned the food which is perfectly matched to the season you choose to visit the Tavern.. Choose to sit inside in the cosy but spacious bistro area or venture outside brave the elements the Melbourne has chosen to throw at us on that day, 4 seasons in one day right? Anyway back to the best bar/pub in the city.. The Mitre Tavern is soaked in history, built in 1837 with its peaked roof expecting snow which has yet to come.

Established as a Tavern in 1868 and continued to be so to date and going no where anytime soon as it is been Heritage listed and saved from being turned into just another part of the concrete jungle we call the CBD.. Long live the best bar/pub in the city, The Mitre Tavern please continue what you are doing because you do it so well. That’s enough for now, back to my nice cold beer in this beautiful laneway in one of the most liveable cities in the world…. Cheers!!!!