Beer garden in Melbourne’s CBD

 Picture this – You’ve just escaped your 5th meeting of the day, there’s only a few documents yet to be filed and the western sun has hit the side of your face. Everyone’s become a bit restless, their eyes darting toward the clock. You look over to your colleague who has a similar face of a thirst that can only be quenched by good mates, sunshine and a couple of beers.

Where better to quench this thirst than the largest beer garden in Melbourne’s CBD, at the Mitre Tavern.

Sitting at over 400 square metres, the Mitre’s beer garden can sit up to 130 people, and has a standing capacity comfortably over 300. With barrels dotted around the perimeter, and tables for you and your friends to sit down and take a load off, you can find yourself spending a good chunk of your evening in this bustling space.

Umbrellas are put up to protect you from the elements, as well as awnings able to cover the entire area if it begins to rain. There are also plenty of outdoor heaters to keep you nice and warm.

Free popcorn is handed out during the work week, as well as hand-picked pizza, franks and snags on Fridays.

Fox sports and the racing is shown on 2 outward-facing TVs, blasting the footy and showing replays open to close.

Now back to work – The paperwork’s done, there are no more meetings, and the boss is happy. The sun has hit the horizon and it’s beer o’clock.

Head on down to the historic Bank Place: The alleyway between Collins & Lt. Collins, Queen and William. Once you come across a tumultuous crowd of business people, tradies, students and travellers next to a beautiful old-English style building, you’ll know you’ve hit the right place.

Open from 11am to late every day, the Mitre Tavern’s beer garden is the perfect place to unload and have a few knock-offs.