Best Pub in Melbourne

No one could argue that one of the best pubs in Melbourne would have to be The Mitre Tavern, located at 5 Bank Place Melbourne, right in the heart of the CBD.

When looking for The Best Pub In Melbourne your looking for Beer, Food, Wine and atmosphere.

Beer, Food, Wine and atmosphere is definitely oozing out of The Mitre Tavern.

Simply the best place to be with your friends.

The beer selection at The Mitre Tavern is one of the best. Ranging from the good old oldies style beer to some really unique style breweries and of course the limited edition beers they get their hands on.

The hardest thing you will have to do at The Mitre Tavern is choose a beer, because there is just so many to chose from. An added bonus to the beer selection process is the staff, the staff’s knowledge on all of the beers on tap is amazing. The Mitre Tavern employ real staff….. staff that actually care about beer in hospitality.

The food, what a menu, what a chef!

The best thing about the food is the diversity. You look at the menu and simply do not know what to have. You get the choice of traditional pub meals we all love and of course there are always fancy and healthy options for the others!!!!

The Wine….. what a wine list by the glass and by the bottle. The wine list certainly has plenty to chose from and yet great wines you may not have even heard of but would love to try.

The Atmosphere – What a treat for the eye, such an historical venue. Everything catches your eye… The architecture, the paintings on the wall, the door ways, the furniture, the wooded menus, there is just so much detail in this place. Oh, and if you get the privilege to dine upstairs…… wow, what an experience. Upstairs is a fine dining steakhouse and grill so the steak is unbelievably great but the surroundings are simply stunning.

Whether your downstairs at the Mitre Tavern or upstairs in The Mitre Tavern Steakhouse and Grill, you will know that you are in the best pub in Melbourne.

Melbourne CBD should be thanking The Mitre Tavern for having The Best Pub in Melbourne.

Its places like this that make Melbourne The most Liveable City in The World.

Look forward to seeing you all at The Best Pub In Melbourne ……………The Mitre Tavern.