Best Bar In Melbourne

Are you looking for the best bar in Melbourne? Look no further!

The Mitre Tavern is The Best Bar In Melbourne hands down.

I challenge you to find a better bar, because you will not, no other bar can offer you what The Mitre Tavern has. The Mitre Tavern is like a museum that sells beer!

The Mitre Tavern has everything for everyone.

To be the best bar in Melbourne you need to have the best of everything.

Here is where we have the best of everything.

Beer, 25 beers on tap in fact, and the variety is great, from the old school Carlton draught drinkers to the new age Balter drinkers, from the Guinness to the Heineken drinker. And of course Kilkenny to a trip to Prague for a Pilsner Urquell.  We will have a beer on tap for you that you will love.

To be the Best Bar in Melbourne you also need The best location, Well The Mitre Tavern is the oldest Tavern in Melbourne, and we have worked very hard to retain everything about this building and the history that goes with it. Just walking through this place is like a museum , yes a museum that sells beer! Our artwork, the furniture, the buildings structure all makes us The best bar in Melbourne.

Now we need to match our best beer, best place with the best food, and that is easily done here at The Mitre Tavern, giving you the old school traditional pub favourites like the good old chicken parma to the new fashionable favourites this year, Naan sliders and then top it all off with the Best steakhouse in Melbourne located upstairs, just in case you prefer the good old fashioned fine dining experience.

Saving the best to last, Beer Garden, and what a beer garden we have, we have the biggest outdoor beer garden in the heart of the CBD and we have made it suitable for every day of the year, with our fantastic awnings and heating during the colder months, and of course in spring and summer when these things are not needed you get to look up into the open sky and enjoy Melbourne.

To be the best, you must have the best, and the best is something we sure have here. I must also throw in we have the best bar staff in town by far!

I have only scratched the surface on why The Mitre Tavern is the best bar in Melbourne, come in and check this place out and you can see for yourself!

See you real soon.